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Noteworthy: our "Nature Weekends" 2021: 4-7th June, 2-5th July, 30th June-2th August, 3-6th September.

 Our little corner of paradise invites you to experience pure nature. On the enclosed grounds, protected from prying eyes, nothing stops you from enjoying the sun and wind on your bare skin in a small group of like-minded naturists. Together with your clothes, you also relieve the stress of the past working week. Put all your senses on edge and experience the connection with yourself, your partner and nature. 


- bed and breakfast formula (3 nights for 2 pers., breakfast incl. in "Hockai" or "Malmedy"):

€ 350 (+tourist tax € 0,45 pp/pn)

- studio formula (3 nights for 2/3 pers., breakfast excl. in "Sart"):

€ 315 (+ tourist tax € 0,45 pp/pn)

(optional: breakfast buffet for € 11 pp/pn)

- camping formula (camping space for 3 nights for max. 4 pers. with wifi, electricity and lavatory):

€ 215  (+ tourist tax € 0,45 pp/pn)

(optional: simple breakfast with coffee/tea for € 6 pp)

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