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Walk: Bérinzenne

  • Quiet 4 km walk around the panoramic tower of the nature reserve "Bérinzenne

  • Can be quite muddy, but in dry weather it's just fine with a sturdy push- or wheelchair

  • Child-friendly: you can climb the tower for free and it offers a beautiful view of the fens

  • No catering facilities


Park your car at the car park of the "Berinzenne" nature reserve (Route de la Gleize 4, 4900 Spa). Go through the barrier at the entrance. You will see a small path to the reception building on the right and a large pond on the left.


Follow the sign to the "Musée des Forêts et des Eaux" (an attractive museum

dedicated to the flora and fauna of the fens, with a surprisingly large collection of

of stuffed animals). From here, follow the "Panoramic Tower" signs and all possible hiking signs: red, green and blue-white.


The panoramic tower is currently called "la Tour Jean Valière". Mr Valière was the head of the Nature and Forestry Department of Spa between 1998 and 2012 and it was his idea to build this tower.


After the climb, take the path behind the tower and follow the red rectangles.


You will pass the memorial cross for the impressionist painter Dieudonné Jacobs

(1887-1967), who unofficially bears the title of "Painter of the Fens", although he spent half his painting life in Provence.


A little further on, you pass the monument to some of the RAF airmen who fell in the Second World War, shot down in mid-air on their way to bomb Düsseldorf.


Most of the walk continues along log paths, typical for the high fens.


Do not take the blue road on the left, direction "Malchamps", but follow the red rectangles, direction "Bérinzenne".


Where the log path ends, at the bench with the information sign, take the wide forest road to the right (red rectangles).


A little further on, follow the sign "Centre Accueil" (on the left), and before reaching the reception centre, turn right on the duckboards, to reach the car park again.

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