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Walk: Cascade du Bayehon

  • A 9 km walk, firstly comprising a relatively comfortable and peaceful section along two small streams, but followed by a second, much more demanding section in the Fens and through forests.

  • Tracks are regularly very muddy

  • Impossible for prams or wheelchairs

  • Catering possible at the "Moulin du Bayehon", at the start and at the return (open from Wednesday to Sunday, including from 11.00 am to 6.00 pm)

At the exit of the Relais des Fagnes, turn right and follow the Route de Hockai. In front of the church in the centre of Hockai you turn left in the direction of Xhoffraix.


After crossing the main road between Eupen and Malmedy, you enter the village of Xhoffraix, which is well known for its impressive hedges (especially at the entrance to the farms), which may make you forget to turn left in time towards Longfaye.


At Longfaye you choose the direction of Ovifat and begin the descent along the winding path to the bridge over the Bayhon. Cross the bridge and park your car immediately after the bend in the road, in the car park on your left.


On the other side of the road you will find a small path leading down to the river. This is the starting point for your walk. Green rectangles will guide you along the entire length of the trail. Unfortunately the rectangles are not always perfectly placed, but if you are careful they will keep you on track. In case of doubt you can be guided by the wooden signposts and always follow the direction "Cascade du Bayehon".


During the first part of the walk you walk along the Bayehon.  As it is 510 m high, it deserves to be called a torrent. Like most of the streams in the fens, its waters have a reddish colour due to the presence of pyrite.


As the Bayehon flows into another small river typical for the Fens, the Pouhon, the walk follows the course of the Pouhon upstream.  When you reach the main road, you cross it very carefully and then go into the woods to take the direction of the Bayehon.


Your green rectangles will lead you to a small shelter, but by a sporting course, which crosses wood, fields and of course the typical landscape of the Fagnes.


At the shelter, the signpost with the message "Cascade de Bayehon" confirms the right direction and you reach the waterfall. With its height of 9 m, it is the third highest waterfall in Belgium, after Reinhardstein (60 m!) and Coo (15 m).


The last part of the walk, the return to the car park, follows a more or less descending line.

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