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Walk: Morfaz
Relais des Fagnes-Morfaz-Baronheid-Relais des Fagnes
  • Small tour of 3.5 km, super quiet, in close proximity of Relais des Fagnes

  • In wet conditions, the course can be (very) muddy and (very) slippery.

  • Not suitable for prams or wheelchairs.

  • No catering facilities


Take the country lane, just next to the Relais des Fagnes and walk to the fork in the road. Choose the path on the left. Continue to the point where the small path leads to a wider country road and turn right. At the fork in the road, turn left. A little further on, take the wide path on the left. Depending on the weather and the season, this country road soon turns into a muddy path. So be careful where you set foot. The path takes you around a dark forest. This is the protected nature reserve of Morfaz, which is full of wild boar and deer. If you walk there quietly enough, there is a good chance that you will see a deer leaping around...


Here and there, there are holes in the vegetation on the right, through which beautiful panoramas develop. The path turns to the right and a little further on you have to cross a small river. Normally this is no problem, but if it has rained a lot, the crossing can be a bit misleading... Little by little the path turns into a wider country road, and a bit later into a tarmac road. Depending on the season, you can see on the left side of the road the village of Hockai, with its cute church. When you reach the Baronheid Road, cross it, pass behind the wooden posts and turn right. Here too, there are beautiful views on your left.


Just after the sign for Hockai, you pass a side street on your left. Cross the street here and take the steep little path on your right. After this small hill, a little further on, just after house no. 411, keep to the right. The road turns into a country lane. Follow it until you reach the crossroads which you will recognize from the start. Continue to follow the path that turns left, and then go straight on, until you are beyond the path from which you came out previously.


Continue walking until you almost reach the road. Just before the road, under the trees, there is a path to the right. Take it and at the end of the path, you will come across "the devil's cobblestone". This so-called "devil's stone" is one of the many large quartzite blocks that dot the area and no one knows exactly how they got there (which over the years has given rise to all sorts of legends).

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