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Walk: The two Rocks
  • 10.5 km walk, quite long but very varied, with spectacular features, solid height differences and two rocky points "with a view".

  • The central part is very adventurous and in rainy weather even dangerous.

  • It is not suitable for inexperienced walkers, baby carriages, disabled people and children under 8 years of age.

  • Appropriate footwear is required (waterproof/non-slip).

  • Horeca at the beginning and end of the walk: “Brasserie de Bellevaux" (low season only during the WE - high season also on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday between 3 pm and 6 pm and on WE from noon).

Drive from Malmedy to Bellevaux following the signposts "Brasserie de Bellevaux" and park the car in their spacious car park. The brewery was founded by a Dutch couple, but is now run by the second generation. Their beers are famous far beyond the boundaries of the region and the owners can call themselves honorary citizens of the City of Malmedy.


Enter the "Rue de la Foncenale", to the right with your back turned towards the car park. At the fork in the road, turn left and walk up "Rue Godefroid de Bellevâ". This brings you to the church and the cemetery, where you cross the main road and take the "Chemin des Ronces" opposite. From now on you will follow the walk marked with yellow tiles. You will climb higher and higher through the countryside of Bellevaux, between cow meadows, bordered by hedges and brambles. Stop every now and then and look back: the view before your eyes is really worth it!


The yellow squares clearly indicate the route to follow, but after a long walk through fields and forests, there is a tricky point. Just before you reach the main asphalt road leading to Bellevaux, you have to turn right onto a small sunken road. The yellow tile is there but it is not very visible and is easily missed. If you see the house "Au Panier des Ours", you have already walked too far....


At the small grotto of Notre Dame de Lourdes (not very lively), turn left and follow the arrows "Rocher de Falize". Cross the road and go past the "Ferme de Bruyères" and a little further on we will leave the yellow tiles. We do not turn left, but simply continue straight ahead until a wooden signpost with the words "Rocher de Falize" sends us to the left. The narrow forest path leads you to the rock, from where you have a spectacular view over the Warche valley.


From here we will follow the blue marked walkway for a while: so you have to go down the narrow forest path next to the meadow. Here begins the central part which puts you to the test: when the path is muddy, there is always the risk of slipping during the rapid descent. It is essential to resist the temptation to choose the excessively arduous passage a little further on. Continue to follow the blue tiles, which guide you to a staircase at the edge of the forest beside the meadow. This option makes your descent more comfortable, as long as you don't get stuck on the barbed wire.


You continue your descent along the edge of the wood until you reach the Warche, which you follow downstream. A little further on there is another dangerous section in the form of a very narrow path against the valley slope, which crosses a stream from time to time. Finally the path forks and you choose the left-hand bend to start a steep climb through the forest to reach a stony country lane with an iron crucifix on your left.


Here you go right and you will find yourself back on the yellow tile route. You enter the valley and now you can enjoy a pleasant walk along a lively Warche. At the end, the yellow tiles guide you to a bridge and you will find that to resume the walk on the other side of the river, you will have to wade a bit.


At the asphalt road you turn right, pass under the motorway and follow the arrows "Rocher de Warche", the second rock of this walk. This brings you to the hamlet "Warche", where the Warche flows into the Amblève. When the small asphalt road leads you to a meadow with a resting place, you follow the wooden signpost "Rocher de Warche" and take the small forest path on your left. When you are on the top of the rock, you see the Amblève (and therefore not the Warche!) far below you.


You go back and at the resting place, you turn right again in the direction of "Malmedy". You pass the viaduct again and continue to follow the asphalt road, always straight ahead. Below you on the right is the "Etang de Thioux". Thiou is the French word for willowtree. 


You will end up in Bellevaux and you will turn left into "Rue Godefroid de Belvâ" to finally end up at the Brasserie de Bellevaux.

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